Ann Barrett has more than 10 years unbroken practical experience of running youth clubs for those with an autistic spectrum disorder, support groups for parents, and devising practical behaviour and learning strategies for parents, teachers, support staff and employers.

Training courses are available for employers or other interested parties in understanding Asperger syndrome and how it can affect those who live with the condition.

These courses are tailored to individual organisations in order to have the most benefit to those working alongside those with Asperger syndrome.

We also offer support to employers or work place managers by sending along a trained assistant with our clients, in order for both employer (or work place manager) and employee, or voluntary worker, to understand better the requirements of both parties.

Free courses for those with Asperger syndrome or higher functioning autism are available, covering social skills, life skills, money management, personal relationships, working with others etc.,

Ann is also able to provide interactive learning sessions in schools and colleges for both staff and students. This can enhance their abilities to support and assist those on the spectrum and improve their level of inclusion.

All of the above can be tailored to individual requirements

Familiarisation sessions are also available.